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Whitening Teeth

Hydrogen Peroxide is used to whiten your teeth. There is a variety of diverse treatment options obtainable ranging from a plastic tray, which the patient puts on overnight at his or her own home, or the laser tooth whitening procedures, which are performed "office"? and known as Zoom or Brite Smile.

These photographs are not touched up. They are real. The trays we provide are a clear plastic, customized to the actual form of your teeth. You simply place a modest volume of the gel onto the tray and insert the tray into your mouth. You can use it overnight or one hour a day depending on the strength of the gel.
top beverly hills dentist

Teeth become whiter since hydrogen peroxide has the capability to open the dental tubules (comparable to pores and openings in your skin) and the peroxide cleans the tooth from the inside, which tends to turn the teeth whiter. Since the dental tubules are opened, teeth also become more sensitive to cold, but this phenomenon is only temporary.

Laser teeth whitening takes one hour. A gentle and safe gel, primarily based on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), is placed on your teeth and the dental laser activates the gel.

Darkened teeth can be lightened noticeably (> 8 increments on a dental shade guide). We use the most current version, called Zoom Sophisticated Power III, and have three devices waiting for you. If you like, all three devices can be used at the same time so you and a spouse or a couple of friends can get the treatment together.

Please inquire about gift cards.

Dr. Joseph Goodman, the top Beverly Hills dentist.