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Bite corrections, overbite, underbite and TMJ

One aspect of modern dentistry is to correct bite abnormalities such as overbite (deep bite) or underbite in a non-surgical manner. Restorative dentistry can oftentimes help without surgery to change your biting pattern called “occlusion”.

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Dr.Goodman Bite Correction | Top Beverly Hills Dentist in LA Dr.Goodman Bite Correction | Top Beverly Hills Dentist in LA Dr.Goodman Bite Correction | Top Beverly Hills Dentist in LA
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Your bite is not fixed and can be changed. Your upper jaw can be brought inwards when it is too far out (overjet). With tools available in modern dentistry, your upper jaw can be reclined back to a more favorable position without surgery. We had many patients who were told to do surgery until we gave them an alternative.

Your lower jaw can be moved forward as well and the bite can be fixated in a new occlusion with modified porcelain veneers that change the bite. An edge-to-edge bite can also be fixed by bringing the upper teeth further out or by inclining your lower teeth back, or both.

One case we did for a patient from out of state describes it best:

Besides having had small teeth for her entire life, every dentist wanted to simply do traditional veneers and shave her teeth. Besides that, her bite and jaw were in pain, her muscles were inflamed, her spine and back were also in discomfort. Her spine had pain in region C2 and C3 and she had multiple appliances, nightguards, splints, orthodontic devices for many, many years to no avail.

When she came in, she was in pain for years and about to give up.

First, we established her bite in a comfortable position. We then recorded her bite in the new position and made her a mock up, a temporary bite that she can go home with and evaluate her new position. Once she reported drastic improvements, we went along and gave her NO PREPARATION VENEERS, because her teeth were small to begin with. No reason to shave, no reason to grind down healthy teeth. These veneers were unique as they change and hold the new bite in a new occlusal position, thus making the patient find their new bite easily.

The patient left in joy with her new look (veneers), bite and hasn’t any orthodontic devices since her procedure.  For patients with TMJ, our chiropractor is an expert in TMJ related pain.



Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Joseph Goodman, was one of the first dentists in Germany using porcelain veneers in the early ’90s when veneers were not as commonly used due to limitations in adhesion and materials available at the time. Colleagues back then often dismissed Dr. Goodman’s efforts in achieving dental excellence in porcelain veneers as “unrealistic”, “short term”, and “unpredictable”, not knowing or understanding the full potential of veneers in cosmetic dentistry.

A completely satisfying smile makeover requires a dentist with years of hands-on experience and know-how of dental materials and adhesion materials.

As such, the dentist must be trained extensively in the field of Gnathology, full mouth occlusion (bite) analysis, centric relation, and temporal mandibular joint (TMJ). Due to his background in prosthodontics (complex reconstructive, restorative, and implant dentistry), Dr. Goodman is able to perform complicated and difficult cases of partial and full mouth reconstruction, placements of the most beautiful “natural” or “Hollywood” type porcelain veneers.

Note that every case is different, depending on your taste and your desire. Find the smile that speaks to you the most and it will be yours.

You will like the way you will look; we guarantee it.



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