Holistic Dentistry

Beverly Hills Holistic Dentist supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural and less toxic life. We bridge the gap between, conventional clinical dentistry and natural healing.

This is an overview and summary of what a Beverly Hills Holistic Dentist provides:

Our state-of-the-art digital x-rays: 90% less radiation.

Safe mercury removal: “Huggins protocol”? of safe amalgam removal with oxygen mask, rubber dam and removing Amalgam fillings in one piece, rather than grinding the old mercury filling in a messy soup of saliva, water (from the handpiece), and amalgam waste.

Mercury-free dentistry.

BPA-free dentistry: Our dental composites and sealants do not have any BPA.

Fluoride-free dentistry upon request.

Diagnodent: This is a no x-ray submitting device with the aid of a laser beam. It aids in the detection of hidden decay.

Ozone dentistry, ozone cleaning & application of ozone for your gum, root canals and infection control. Prevention of decay, useful application in root canal therapy (disinfection of the infected canals) and application of an ozone gel (ozonated organic olive oil) and ozone trays for gums and teeth.

Chemical-free sterilization of dental instruments.

Use of biocompatible dental materials.

Clifford Testing: Requires a blood test. This is a compatibility test, matching the proper dental materials with your individual body.

Urine test: Mercury and other heavy metals analysis.

Natural supplements such as chlorella to eliminate heavy metals in your body.

Natural Supplements: Probiotics. Helping you to maintain a balanced level of good bacteria presence in your stomach. Very important for good digestion.

Referral to an experienced health care provider for detoxification, nutrition, acupuncture, stress relief, body cleansing, and more.

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